what inspires me

In short — you. My favorite thing about existing is getting to know other humans. Their joy, their grief, their complexity. Connection is at the center of my soul's most pure happiness.

From early on, I learned that taking a beautiful photograph is a way to honor the legacy of the person in front of me, and I began pursuing it with my whole heart.

I am often asked what I like to photograph most — portraits? weddings? editorial work? honestly, I can’t choose. If someone trusts me to capture, cherish, and respect whatever it is they are going through — be it a hard time or the most sacred and magnificent day of their lives — I am grateful to be there.

my world:

I am so glad that you exist. I love music and pandas and antiquing and bubbles. Exploring a new place with my friends is one of my favorite activities. Talking in a coffee shop for hours. Hugging my mom. Thinking about how many fish are in the ocean?!?? Going to see a movie at AMC with my husband, Pasha. Cuddling our dog. Traveling. I can’t wait to meet you.